Manual Unblock

£65.00 + Vat

A blockage that can be cleared using drain rods or plungers.

Mechanical Unblock

£85.00 + Vat

To clear a blocked drain with the use of spring machine or mechanical suction vac.

High Pressure Water Jetting

£98 + Vat

To clear blocked drains with high-pressure water jetting unit, flush out and break up debris that is accommodating your drainage system.

Drain Camera Hire

£68.00 + Vat

This price is for the hire of the drain camera and is for the inspection of your drainage system to investigate the condition and cause of the blockage.

Costs are charged per half hour. After 16:00 weekdays and throughout the weekend the costs are x 1.5.

Emergency Plumber

£90.00 + Vat

Planned Plumbing 

£60.00 + Vat

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